Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chopper Wars wounded Veteran benefit info

Josh Burnette

He is a dog handler and special forces weapons sergeant in the 7th special forces group. He was wounded in June 2012 in Afghanistan by an IED. He suffered traumatic amputation of both legs below the knee. He eventually lost one leg above the knee and one finger due to infection. He is 29 years old with one son and a strong girlfriend who's been there for him through the whole ordeal. He is currently at Walter Rees doing physical therapy and is scheduled for another surgery on 3/15/13. After the surgeries and therapy sessions are completed he'll be living in Florida. Aside from being an awesome guy that put it all on the line defending our country, he's a hotrod enthusiest as well. He owns the Chevy truck you see in this picture and is a member of the Road Devils Car Club.

All procedes from the Butcher Chop Chopper Wars will be donated to Josh to help him get situated once he gets back to the sunshine state. I hope everybody makes plans to come hang out, listen to some good music, check out some cool pre 65 cars and trucks, and support a man who has given so much to our country so that we can raise our families in a land of peace.

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